Alaka’i Paleka

Parents: The oldest child of long time entertainer, Danny Paleka, a full blooded Hawaiian and retired Hilo Hospital nurse Carolyn Benedict Paleka, 100% haole, (smile when you say that)
Birthplace: Born at Tripler Hospital, Honolulu, just a few years ago, when my Dad was a Marine.
Education: My first educational institution…Mother Goose Nursery School in California, Doris Todd Memorial until the 6th grade, graduated from Kamehameha Schools, the year is not important, received an Associates Degree in Police Science from Hawaii Community College write my essay for me uk, and I still have 6 credits to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I know, I know, I need to learn Hawaiian.
Alakai2Blessed: I am such a lucky girl, Hawaiian heart of my dad, a mother who said education is the greatest gift you can give your children, so I can speak the King’s English, I just don’t want to all the time. I can sing, dance, play ukulele in a pinch, to sing for my supper. I have a job where I can visit website play Hawaiian music, and be a positive influence in my community. If you are waiting for shock jock jokes, and celeb-bashing, I am not the one. I have one life, one voice, One Master and every thing I say or do should be for good. I’m not perfect, just forgiven.