Paris DeCambra

Born and raised on Maui and currently residing on Hawaii Island, Paris DeCambra has found his passion as a radio announcer with KAPA radio. Paris honed his speaking skills over the years as the Master of ceremonies for a variety of work related holiday parties and employee events. He had a very real talent for being able to ad lib whenever timing was off and he needed to fill the silence. “It is not an easy thing to do… that is to make the employees laugh at jokes about their bosses and still keep face with the bosses.”

While Paris continued his work MC duties for a few years, he was also asked to MC local parades, community events, and private parties in Kona and Waimea. These outside ventures gave him the confidence to continue to pursue his passion, radio announcer. Although he still keeps his professional day job as the Director of Purchasing at a premier Hawaii Island resort, he looks forward to his night and weekend gigs as Radio Personality, Paris DeCambra.